The development process of "Zhonghua" pencil.

The wooden graphite pencil originated in England in the 16th century. In the 17th century, Germ

The history of eternal life pen

Yongsheng Jinbi Factory is located at No.456 Wujin Road. The factory was formerly known as the

The evolution of ink pens

Early reservoir pen    Early attempts at making water storage pens   

1931-1940: The ballpoint pen comes out

 1938: Ballpoint pen (equipment)  Today, you can find a large number of ballpoint pens in any o

Three generations of pen-makers for centuries, craftsmen ingenuity build quality

BiographyXu Jiajia FengA brush can’t tell good or bad, we can only do it with the conscience of the

The invention of the pencil

In 1564, a gust of wind blew down a big tree near the Polo Valley in Cumberland, England, and a larg

Appreciation of Chinese famous pens (1)

Witness Beifa, AmbilightLimited edition of 2000 pieces worldwide    Beifa's tenth ann

A brief history of the pen

The ancestor of the pen should be the brush which is regarded as one of the "Four Treasures of the S

How did the pencil come from?

In 1564, in a place called Barrodale in England, people discovered a black mineral-graphite. Be

Why is the wood used for pencils soft?

Whenever I sharpen a pencil, I always feel that the wood of the pencil is very soft, much softer tha