Freshmen vs. Old Students

Ten years ago, when I was a freshman in woodworking, I always wanted to build a fully funct

The advantages of pen writing

Why use a pen? Wouldn't it be troublesome? Is anyone else writing a pen? Personally, I feel

The myth of hard and soft nibs

Because the design of the nib of each brand is different, the pen will have a different fee

Does the pen have left and right hands?

Are there any restrictions on the right and left hand for writing pens? Otherwise, why is the

The development history of ballpoint pens

The first time that the name ballpoint pen appeared was in 1888. It was an American journalist named

The history of eternal life pen

Yongsheng Jinbi Factory is located at No.456 Wujin Road. The factory was formerly known as the

Appreciation of Chinese famous pens (1)

Witness Beifa, AmbilightLimited edition of 2000 pieces worldwide    Beifa's tenth ann

Why is the wood used for pencils soft?

Whenever I sharpen a pencil, I always feel that the wood of the pencil is very soft, much softer tha