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Among the four recognized pen factories (Parker Parker, Xihua Sheaffer, Waterman Waterman, Yongfeng Wahl-Eversharp), only Wahl (Wall) is a consortium investment company , and the rest are family-owned companies . Without the ties of blood, Wall’s whims on fountain pens are always refreshing; but, without the emotions that have been entangled with fountain pens for many years, everything is based on profit, and the focus of design sometimes makes people with the pen feel It's inexplicable, there is a feeling of making the wrong force.

Wahl (Wall) or Eversharp (永锋)?
It should be explained that Wahl is the name of the company, and Eversharp is a subsidiary of Wahl's pen manufacturing business. Wahl's own expertise is in metal processing and mechanical design (Wahl Adding Machine Company). In 1915, he obtained the Ever Ready Sharp mechanical pencil production contract invented by Hayakawa Tokuji in Japan. In 1917, he obtained the Ever-Sharp Pencil Company. Franchise. Whal adopted the name Wahl Evrsharp and officially entered the pen-making business. Understandably, a mechanical maniac like Whal should have a great interest in mechanical pencils. (Platinum was released in 2003 with a replica Hayakawa-style automatic pen, that is, a mechanical pencil with the same design)

Wahl Eversharp fountain pen
Wahl did until the acquisition of the Boston Pen Factory ( 1917 1894-1917) in not start producing fountain pens . In the early years, the ball design on the wahl pen holder was a very popular design for Boston pens.

The fall of Eversharp
In 1957, with the rise of ball pens, fountain pens gradually weakened; in an unprofitable situation, Wahl sold the pen business to Parker Pen Company. Parker has designated Evershar as the trademark of cheap pens, and mainly produces cheap fountain pens and ball pens.


Well-known pens over the years:

Ever Ready Sharp Mechanical Pencil, 1915
During this period, a large number of metal mechanical pencils were produced, and various beautiful pen patterns were produced. Because the metal pen body is not easily damaged, the stock is high and the price is beautiful today. Both gold and silver penholders are good collections.
In fact, this automatic pen was produced by Heath in the United States in 1913. Sometimes you can see some styles that are very similar, but you can't find the eversharp engraving on the pen. I guess it may be the product before Wahl took over.

Personal Point 1929~1932
The biggest feature of this pen is the interchangeable tip. The tip and tongue are combined to make a spiral screw into the grip position; the thick or fine tip can be installed according to personal preference. This design was the first to be seen back then, and eversharp also produced 14 kinds of nibs to choose from.

Curious about the 14 types of tips listed 90 years ago?
The explanation is quite funny: the bottom third in the bottom row as shown below " spherical tip, super smooth, favorite of the elderly "
The ancients are quite poetic~

Doris pen 1931~1940

Horizon Skyline 1941 ~ 1948
This is probably the most well-known evershop pen in the market, and there are still a lot of antique pens in stock. In 1995, a reissue version was produced, which is especially true. The biggest selling point is the complexity of the pen holder assembly? This is the weird place. Pen pals only care about the tightness of the clip, not the complexity of the structure.

Horizon-Replica 1995
At this time Eversharp has changed ownership and is now operated by Emmanuel Caltagirone. But apart from the re-engraved pen, there are no other new pens. It seems that the Eversharp brand will be reborn in a short period of time.

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