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150Pieces Pen Kits and




 What The US$363 includes ?

Pen Kits

PKSL-1-CH x 10

PKSL-1-GM x 10

PKSL-1-RG x 10

PKSL-2-CM x 10

PKSL-2-GM x 10

PKSL-2-RG x 10

PKSL-6-CH x 10

PKSL-6-GM x 10

PKSL-6-RG x 10

PKM-1-CH x 10

PKM-1-G   x 10

PKM-3-CH x 10

PKM-3-G   x 10

PKM-4-RG x 10

PKM-4-GM x 10

Pen Blanks

Random Colors x 30 Pieces 5/8" Dia.x 5"long Pen Blanks 

Random Colors x 5 Pieces 3/4"x3/4"x5" Turquoise Pen Blanks

Sanding Papers


Pen Tubes Replacement 

10 Pack pen tubes replacement for PKSL-1 & 6 Series pens x 1

10 Pack pen tubes replacement for PKSL-2 Series pens x 1

5 Set Pack pen tubes replacement for PKM-1 Series pens x 1

5 Set Pack pen tubes replacement for PKM-3 Series pens x 1

5 Set Pack pen tubes replacement for PKM-4 Series pens x 1

Pen Mandrel

SUS304 stainless steel pen mandrel shaft with nut x 1

Pen Bushings

7mm slimlinepen bushing 5 pack set x 1

Pen busing set for PKM-1 pens x 1

Pen bushing set for PKM-3 pens x 1

Pen bushing set for PKM-4  pens x 1

Drill Bits

7mm Drill bit x1 

8mm Drill bit x 1




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